How Do You Make Your Home Warm and Cozy?


Your home should be light-coloured and airy during the summer, with no additional layers to trap moisture or retain heat. But, to make the house feel warm and tempting when it turns chilly, you should put those layers back on top of the space heaters. 

Luckily, you don’t need to do much to create a cozy and welcoming winter atmosphere. Little things like Heated Roof Installation or hiding slippers by the front door can be considered mini advances. Your house can change into a cozy haven in winter by switching to light illumination, like the glow from a few candles. 

Here are some little ways to add coziness to your house.

Update your Bedroom

For winter, flannel is the way to go, even if crisp cotton and linen are fantastic for the summer! Swap out your fresh sateen sheets for flannel or jersey, which will retain the warmth. Fold a blanket or quilt over the foot of your bed while you’re at it so you’ll have it ready for the chilly evenings.

Upgrade Your Lighting

Consider softening your lighting by swapping out light switches or bulbs, installing a new lampshade, or replacing a sconce to make your house feel cozier and more peaceful. LED light bulbs come in various tones, and dimmable remote controls can be added for a similar effect. Lamp shades can be softened with paper, linen, or metallic lining lampshades. A sconce that directs light against the wall can also help diffuse it and create a glowing effect.

Install Heated Roof

Metal-heated roofs can help regulate indoor temperature during winter by properly ventilating air, keeping the roof cool, preventing water damage, and preventing ice dams.

Also, Metal roofing in cold climates offers exceptional warmth and insulation due to its low thermal conductivity, retaining heat and allowing the cold to escape.

If you feel your home is too cold in winter and want to make it warm by installing a heated roof, you should consult with professional roofers for the proper installation.

Addition of Simple Things that Make Home Warm

Designing a home for warmth is one thing, but how can you add the little things that make a place seem warm and inviting? During the chilly winter months, you can add simple items to your home to add warmth, such as scented candles, tiny plants, and images from sunny trips or family holidays!

Try something new this winter and add simple yet effective minor details to your house, such as:

  • candles with scents that go with the season
  • Warm blankets
  • vibrant wall décor and paintings
  • Indoor succulent gardens and terrariums
  • Images in rustic, secondhand frames
  • Throw cushions with faux fur, knit, or fleece.

Use Warm Colors

Use an indoor colour scheme based on warm, comforting hues to ward off the cold outside. Most neutral colour schemes look stunning when paired with textiles, accessories, and artwork in mustard yellow, burnt orange, rusty red, and olive green. To prevent a heavy appearance, balance any rich colours you intend to use with lots of warm white.

Use Cozy, Seasonal Patterns

Use warm patterns sparingly, such as tartan, herringbone, buffalo check plaid, and tweed. Seek for cushions, blankets, and rugs with patterns in hues that complement your current colour scheme. For instance, add a plaid throw with the navy in the design if your living room has touches of that colour.